American Women's Letters & Diaries: A Bibliography
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This site uses the "My Lists" feature of the WorldCat database to increase access to letter and diary collections by American women. The bibliography currently includes records for approximately 500 books, microform collections, and digital collections.

The chronological organization addresses the difficulty of searching WorldCat by time period. In addition, resources are listed under each relevant section of the bibliography. For instance, the record for The Southern Mandarins, a book of Caroline Gordon's letters from 1924 to 1937, appears in both the 1920s and 1930s sections.

WorldCat Features

Each record in WorldCat indicates which libraries hold a book or other resource. Researchers can sort records by author, title, date of publication, and date added. They can easily create their own annotated bibliographies.

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This section of the site provides information about key sources for finding additional letters and diaries, chronological access to specific letters and diaries of note, and links to lectures about letters and diaries.

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Ken Middleton is a reference librarian at Middle Tennessee State University Library. He has a second master's degree, with an emphasis in American women's history, from the same university.

American Women's Letters & Diaries: A Bibliography

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