Baruch Spinoza

Demonstrated in Geometric Order

I.Of God.
II.Of the Nature and Origin of the Mind.
III.Of the Origin and Nature of the Affects.
IV.Of Human Bondage, or the Power of the Affects.
V.Of the Power of the Intellect, or of Human Freedom.
Translated from the Latin by R.H.M. Elwes (1883)
MTSU Philosophy WebWorks Hypertext Edition © 1997
Prepared by Ron Bombardi
Department of Philosophy
Middle Tennessee State University

Notes on the Text
This edition of the Ethics utilizes internal hypertext coding to faciilitate the logical analysis of Spinoza's reasoning; because inferences and explications can be easily scrutinized via clickable links to the definitions, axioms, postulates, and theorems of the system, I hope to have compensated, at least somwhat, for various shortcomings in the Elwes translation.

The plain text was scanned on a Hewlett Packard 4c flatbed scanner using OmniPage OCR software; subsequent HTML formatting was entered manually.

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