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States across the U.S. Face Budget Challenges

from the office of Governor Phil Bredesen

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Governor Riley’s budget cuts $400 million from the state education budget (more than half of that from four-year colleges). These cuts could lead to layoffs.1


Efforts to balance the state’s budget include approximately $311 million in cuts to state agencies and more than $300 million in cuts to agency fund balances.2


An estimated 20,000 teachers, counselors, librarians, nurses, and support staff may be laid off in response to a $4.8 billion cut in the state’s education funding.3


Considering cutting up to 2,000 prison workers — guards and probation officers. Cuts would be the equivalent of closing up to three prisons.4


Planned education cuts are expected to result in laying off at least 1,000 teachers.5

New Jersey

Governor Corzine has announced plans to close nine state parks and reduce operations at three others.6 Agriculture, commerce, and personnel departments could be cut, resulting in laying off or providing early retirement to 3,000 state workers.7


Recent figures show the state’s revenues in April were approximately 10 percent lower than the same month in 2007.8


At least 10 states have announced hiring curbs. In addition, 27 states face projected budget shortfalls in FY09.9

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