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Quantitative Psychology

Middle Tennessee State University

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Quantitative Psychology as a Profession

The American Psychological Association provides detailed information about quantitative psychology as a profession. Click here for more information.

A list of quantitative psychology doctoral programs is available here

Quantitative Psychology at MTSU

The Department of Psychology  offers the Master of Arts with a major in Psychology and concentrations in Clinical, Experimental, Industrial/Organizational, and Quantitative Psychology. 

The primary objective of the Quantitative Psychology program is to prepare students for applied and research careers as statisticians, psychometricians, data analysts, and quantitative psychologists. 

Common activities performed by persons holding a master's degree in Quantitative Psychology include:

  • analyzing empirical data obtained from scientific research;
  • providing program evaluation and statistical consulting services;
  • performing scientific research on psychometrics or statistical phenomena;
  • developing and evaluating mathematical models of psychological phenomena; and
  • developing and evaluating educational and psychological tests.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator
Dr. Dana K. Fuller