Research Methods Laboratory
Spring, 2018
11:30-12:25 M, COE 241
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Instructor: Dr. William Langston
Office: JH 100
Phone: 615-898-5489 (office)
Office Hours: 12-1 T, 3-4 W, drop in anytime, emailing first is a good idea.

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Required Text:
Langston, W. (2011). Research Methods Laboratory Manual for Psychology (3rd Ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Wadsworth. Cheaper via electronic copy (link to Wadsworth here).

Course Description:
We will discuss issues related to the lecture portion of the class, conduct experiments, discuss and complete writing assignments, and carry out an independent research project.

Course Responsibilities:
1. Attendance/participation. Every unexcused absence will drop you 5%. In other words, every two absences = a decrease of one letter grade.
2. Project. You will conduct a research project. This will be conducted with a group.
3. Project presentation. You will present your independent project as a poster or talk at the Middle Tennessee Psychological Association meeting at MTSU in April. You must make this presentation, plan accordingly: MTPA, Saturday, April 21, 8:30 AM, MTSU.

Some lab work will contribute to your grade in the lecture portion of the class. For example, all work for the paper will be carried out in the lab. Some lecture concepts will be discussed in the lab for elaboration. Therefore, the two classes are not independent.

Grading Procedure:
Grading procedure: Satisfactory performance is: Unsatisfactory performance is:
1. Outstanding work on assignments: A 
1. Active participation in discussions and assignments
1. Failing to attend class/Not participating
2. High commitment to assignments: B
2. Carrying out an interesting project
2. Failing to complete your responsibilities for your project (especially if you let your group down)
3. Loafing: C
3. Preparing a well-designed poster and presenting it well
3. A sloppy poster presentation/Failing to present
4. Failure to complete assignments: F 4. Making a well thought out presentation to the class  4. A sloppy oral presentation/Failing to present
General Policies:
1. Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. I will pass around a sign-up sheet every meeting.
2. Course notes are available on the web at
3. Drop deadlines: The last day to drop without a grade is January 29. The last day to drop is March 25 (you will receive some sort of grade). If you stay in the class after this date, you will not be able to drop unless you experience a major tragedy or emergency. I am not the person who makes that determination. Incompletes will only be given if you have successfully completed the majority of the coursework and were prevented from finishing by a major tragedy or emergency.
4. If you experience problems in the course, see me. You're welcome in my office anytime.
5. Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities: If you require assistance or accommodation (e.g., testing, note-taking, etc.), or you have questions related to such accommodations, speak to me as soon as possible. Also, the Disability and Access Center (615-898-2783) can provide information about such accommodations. Additional information is here:
Do you have a lottery scholarship? To retain the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship eligibility, you must earn a cumulative TELS GPA of 2.75 after 24 and 48 attempted hours and a cumulative TELS GPA of 3.0 thereafter. A grade of C, D, F, FA, or I in this class may negatively impact TELS eligibility. If you drop this class, withdraw, or if you stop attending this class you may lose eligibility for your lottery scholarship, and you may not be able to regain eligibility at a later time. For additional Lottery rules, please refer to your Lottery Statement of Understanding form ( or contact your MT One Stop Enrollment Counselor (
7. MTSU faculty are concerned about the well-being and development of our students and are legally obligated to share reports of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking with the Universityís Title IX coordinator to help ensure studentís safety and welfare. Please refer to MTSUís Title IX site for contact information and details:

Schedule of events:
Week of:  Topic: Lab Manual Lab Notes/Links:
No lab, do IRB training

IRB Training Site
First experiment

Materials in the resources section
Writing introduction section; article assignment
Lab Notes 2

Training due

Article summaries

Writing method and results sections App B Information in the resources section; Lab Notes 1
Discussion section; the rest of the paper
Lab Notes 1; Lab Notes 2; Lab Notes 3

Start to think about a topic for the independent project, form groups
See table of contents in lab manual; Read chapter

Assign paper -- Due Wednesday, 3/14

Discuss independent project design/IRB

Assign independent project IRB forms, consent, etc. App A Additional IRB links in the resources section
3/5 S P R I N G B R E A K

3/12 Complete IRB and submit

Catch-up time

Collect data (when approved)

Collect data, no formal lab meeting

Collect data, no formal lab meeting

Data analysis planning as needed

Project data analysis

Finalize analysis and research

Prepare for presentation
App C

Present poster or talk at Middle Tennessee Psychological Association Conference, MTPA, Saturday, April 21, 8:30 AM, MTSU BAS

No lab


Research Methods Laboratory Syllabus
Will Langston
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