April 25, 2020

Middle Tennessee State University
Middle Tennessee Psychological Association
Spring 2020 Meeting
April 25, 2020

Note: MTPA is a virtual conference for 2020.

There will be no live events on MTSU's campus; please do not try to go to this meeting.

Middle Tennessee State University will be hosting the Middle Tennessee Psychological Associationís 2020 spring meeting. The meeting provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present their efforts to colleagues from other colleges and universities.

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2020 Program

2020 MTPA Virtual Poster Session
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Note: Dr. Fisk's lecture has been postponed to the 2021 MTPA conference on April 24, 2021

Gary Fisk, Ph.D.
Georgia Southwestern State University
Department of Psychology

Gary Fisk

Getting More Power Out of PowerPoint Presentations: An Evidence-Based Approach


PowerPoint presentations are a standard feature of most college and high school courses. However, educational outcome studies show that this technology does not consistently improve student learning, thereby raising doubts about the effectiveness of prevailing practices. This presentation will address the question of why "death by PowerPoint" occurs. The research is a scholarship of teaching and learning project that provides a student-centered viewpoint of the sensory, cognitive, and motivational influences of PowerPoint presentations. Recommendations will be made for designing presentations in ways that will increase student engagement and critical thinking. These ideas are broadly applicable to anyone who gives presentations, especially scientific presentations. The research process behind this project will also be addressed in order to illustrate key features of the scientific method to an audience of undergraduate researchers.

Gary Fisk

Gary D. Fisk is a Professor of Psychology at Georgia Southwestern State University. He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he studied behavioral neuroscience. His research background includes neurobiology, rehabilitation medicine, and experimental psychology. A professional passion is using technology to support and encourage student learning. Examples include instructional web pages, Flash-based animations, online learning management systems, and PowerPoint software. In his free time, he enjoys gardening, community theater, and homebrewing.

Phone (office): 229-931-2296; messages: 229-931-2311

Guidelines and Information
  • There is no need to register for the event. There are no registration fees for 2020.
  • The submission deadline was April 17, 2020. All submissions received by the deadline were accepted for presentation.
  • The research should have been conducted by an undergraduate or graduate student. If a faculty member is a co-author, the student should be first author. The student researcher will be expected to make the poster.
  • Papers on completed research, ongoing research, or theoretical reviews are encouraged.
  • Presenters may only present a poster describing their research.

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