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Images of the G-FLED kite and other field equipment. In the first two images, the G-Kites FLED is in use; the second shows the camera rig hanging below the kite. The third image shows the ITW UltraFoil 15 kite in action. The fourth image includes field equipment including The Claw for anchoring kites as well as an anemometer, binoculars, and GPS units. Former MTSU Geosciences student Chris is shown holding the blimp during inflation.

Currently I have two rigs for taking photos from kites and helium blimps, both built from brooxes kits. The two rigs I have both use Futaba 4YF 4-Channel 2.4GHz radio controller systems to adjust the direction and tilt of the rig as well as shutter release. The first is a deluxe kit designed for smaller cameras and lighter wind speeds. Currently I have a Canon Powershot ELPH 130IS, aka IXUS 140, that I am using with this kit (with the CHDK firmware). The second rig has two cameras, a Canon Rebel T5i and a Tetracam ADC Lite digital infrared camera (not pictured). Click any image below to see a larger version.